TV Nitrička trusts in PBT EU and PlayBox NEO for its HD channel

Playbox Neo's products are integrated in PBT EU's EXEcutor

Regional news channel TV Nitrička has boosted its HD channel TV Zobor HD thanks to PBT EU’s EXEcuter HD Combo server, comprised of the PlayBox AirBox Neo for playback and PlayBox TitleBox Neo for CG branding.

Ján Baran, founder of TV Nitrička (established in 2010), explained why he has chosen PBT EU as technological partner: “The PBT EU team nailed the prerequisites that were top priority on our list – versatility, simplicity and reliability. We are very impressed with the high level of support they provide us with which means they save us an enormous amount of time. Thanks to their cost-effective and consistent service, we can concentrate our efforts on creativity”.

According to Miroslav Lyko, Director of News and Publicity at TV Nitrička, the station knows perfectly Playbox Neo’s technology: “We are already familiar with PlayBox technology and PBT EU for the past ten years. We needed another dependable solution to upgrade our new facility to full HD capability. Excellent technical support was a particularly vital factor in influencing our decision. After researching the market for a few months, we were impressed with what PBT EU had to offer and are delighted with our brand-new updated EXEcutor HD Combo system. It’s the best solution that meets all our requirements and we now distribute and promote all our videos through it in order to reach the entire region and country as a whole.”


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