TV Pink develops a tracking system for virtualized studios based on Panasonic PTZ

TV Pink is a privately owned national TV network in Serbia. Company headquarter is in Belgrade, Serbia. Apart from these studios, there are 8 large TV and several film studios in Šimanovci city. The company is not just a broadcaster, it is also a big production company.

The company has recently collaborated with Panasonic and with Tuning Rail System to develop robotic systems with tracks for PTZ cameras. They have created cost-effective solution for studio with live broadcaststyle movements using floor dolly with Panasonic PRO PTZ remote cameras.

When designing a new special effects studio, the company needed to create a robotic system with a suitable camera that would fit the existing Panasonic AK-UC4000 studio camera and at the same time have a zoom range sufficient for recording in such a large studio.

The solution TV Pink found was the Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ camera and a cart with a column. Both the camera itself and the cart were tuned to a tracking system needed to work on a virtual set.

It allows building a cost-effective studio with live broadcast-style movements, using a combination of floor and ceiling dollies, vertical columns and Panasonic PRO PTZ remote cameras.

TV Pink has also developed an integrated cable management system for a safe and sophisticated installation.

The solution allows them to create up to 100 different customized shot positions using keyframes across an extended 4-axis plane, incorporating pan, tilt, horizontal and vertical positioning.

Direct PRO PTZ remote camera system integration allows for full control of the dolly, column and the camera from a single controller for streamlined operation.


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