TVNZ impulses personalized advertising by protecting viewer data and privacy with AWS Clean Rooms

TVNZ is the first media company in New Zealand to adopt the AWS data collaboration service to power personalized advertising

At AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Television New Zealand (TVNZ), the state-owned and commercially funded television broadcaster in New Zealand, is the first media company in Aotearoa to adopt AWS Clean Rooms to transform advertising management. AWS Clean Rooms is an analytics service that helps companies in industries such as advertising, media and financial services collaborate and jointly analyze their customer data sets without sharing or copying the underlying data.

In the global media and entertainment industry, 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions. Data collected directly by a content provider about its viewers and audience, such as audience metrics, engagement data and viewing preferences, is increasingly valuable to advertisers and critical to delivering a personalized viewing experience. The privacy of this data is paramount to TVNZ, and AWS Clean Rooms helps the broadcaster achieve this. With viewer consent, TVNZ collects audience data, such as program preferences and viewing trends, and collaborates with its advertising partners, such as McDonald’s and media company OMD, to analyze these collective, anonymized data sets in a protected environment. This generates unique customer insights, such as identifying the types of programs McDonald’s customers watch on the TVNZ+ mobile app. These insights help TVNZ and its advertisers improve their advertising and media strategy, driving audience engagement and more personalized loyalty programs.

TVNZ also uses Amazon Personalize, a machine learning (ML) service that enables companies to create personalized user experiences in real-time at scale, to recommend content based on individual viewing behaviors. For example, a viewer watching a rugby documentary may receive recommendations to watch other sports programs or programs popular among other sports fans.

TVNZ worked with Slalom, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, a global technology consulting firm, to implement AWS Clean Rooms. In just six weeks, Slalom understood the broadcaster’s requirements and deployed AWS Clean Rooms to enable TVNZ and its advertisers to deliver personalized content more securely and cost-effectively. Key was the ability to share data in a secure, modern data sharing environment that complies with TVNZ’s robust data governance and privacy policy, which prevents the broadcaster from accessing advertisers’ private consumer data.

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