TVU Networks reshapes users experience with trailblazing live coverage for the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships

TVU Networks Transforms Global Viewing Experience for the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships with Trailblazing Live Coverage

Breathtaking Austrian landscapes dazzle record global audience, with 25 hours of steady HD live streaming from Innsbruck-Stubai nailed viewer engagement

TVU Networks delivered a groundbreaking live broadcast, and for that, the company specialized in cloud-based and hybrid media workflows for live production and distribution joined forces with the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships.

Passing over five days, the competition exhibited top-tier trail and mountain runners from over 60 nations, reaching audiences across TV, web, and mobile platforms. Supported by the robust capabilities of TVU’s portable live transmission technology, the World Championship was for the first time able to provide real-time coverage from mountain trails which is typically challenging to broadcast live from due to connectivity issues. This allowed the organizers to effectively extend the thrill of the race beyond the borders of Innsbruck, the host city.

TVU played a pivotal role in the success of our first-ever live stream for this year’s world championship,” said Benedikt Happe, the event’s producer and director. “Regardless of the diverse terrains from which the live competition was captured – be it flat ground, hills, or mountains – TVU’s equipment delivered high-quality, reliable transmission. This enabled a seamless remote viewing experience that truly brought our viewers closer to the action.”

Added Happe,“We were impressed by the know-how and exceptional support provided by TVU Networks. They went beyond offering a collection of products and services; their extensive suite of tools integrated seamlessly at all stages of our media production, ensuring smooth workflows throughout our live broadcast.”

TVU Networks facilitated the Championship’s live production with an extensive setup, deploying 10 TVU One units, adding 24 TVU Anywhere Apps to mobile phones, and synchronising 4 signals for TVU RPS (Remote Production System). This dynamic array of cloud and IP solutions streamlined the broadcast process, responding to the diverse needs of such a large-scale event.

The compact TVU One units handled high-quality broadcasts from even the most rugged mountain terrains, while the TVU Anywhere App provided additional flexibility, allowing on-site journalists, photographers and enthusiasts to bring their unique perspectives to the live coverage.

What distinguished this year’s event from the past years was its scale and high quality. Providing the technological backbone, TVU and the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships set a new benchmark for live broadcast productions in challenging environments.

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