TVU One transmitter delivered UHD video over 5G at the Olympic Winter Games

TVU Networks recently announced that TVU Media Services supported its customers’ coverage of the Winter Games in Beijing. The company reports that broadcasters used more than 7,600 GB of data to cover the Games. More than 100 broadcasters around the world relied on TVU One’s streaming, with many of them taking advantage of it over China’s 5G networks.

“The challenges in Beijing were similar to what we’ve seen at other, large-scale events recently,” said Kap Shin, Head of TVU Media Services, TVU Networks. “But with nearly a decade of hands-on experience providing extensive support during the Summer and Winter Games, our customers were set up for success. They were well covered with 24/7 tech support, easy equipment rentals, freelance crew at the ready, live video feeds, and studio rentals. We’re offering that same level of support for broadcasters covering the Paralympics.”

The TVU One transmitter and live streaming encoder with 5G provided service to broadcasters such as Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC) in South Korea, YTN Korea, Yonhap News TV in South Korea, MBN in South Korea, Channel A in South Korea, TV Chosun, China Global Television Networks (CGTN), Match TV and Seven Network Australia. The device supports 4K HDR or 1080p HDR picture quality through cellular, 5G, WiFi, Ethernet, and satellite.

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