TVU Search offers a free, 24 hours a day, live signal from Ukraine to the whole world

TVU Networks has announced recently that its solution TVU Search is offering a free, 24/7 live feed from Ukraine provided by the Ukrainian news media. The TVU’s solution is an AI-based search engine for live broadcasts.

TVU customers can use live and downloaded content on-air and over all platforms. Viewing and downloading content is free to non-TVU customers. It is available immediately and can be viewed here.

Ukrainian media groups are collectively broadcasting a single newscast called the United News. The mission of United News is to provide 24/7 real-time information and live video to the people of Ukraine and to the world.

The Ukrainian media groups that comprise United News are the four largest in the Ukraine: 1+1 media, StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group.

The Ukrainian media groups are taking turns providing uninterrupted information on the conflict. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, the Office of the President of Ukraine, and other Government agencies will be joining broadcasts as well.

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