Unified Streaming launches API-based OTT channel builder: Unified Virtual Channel

Unified Streaming has recently launched Unified Virtual Channel. It is an OTT-only software solution that delivers a traditional TV-like experience.

It works repurposing and mixing pre-encoded media assets, previously prepared for VOD streaming, into a live linear stream. Because its API integrates into new and existing streaming workflows, the product saves companies significant time and effort.

To begin, users need a library of ready-to-stream VOD content; a live stream (to mix VOD with live); playlists; and an understanding of how an API connects with software.

With that, consumers can create all kinds of channels such as FAST, live events, sports, kids, pop-up, etc. To start, they would need just sending a playlist to the API. The solution will scan, sync, and stitch the content. To transition content, they just would need to change a new playlist.

The solution enables content curation, based on viewing histories, interests, demographics, and more. Content owners can target ads, teasers, trailers, and shows that resonate with specific audiences.

“With this new API-based approach we’ve tried to make it as simple and straightforward as possible to launch new virtual channels. We’re really excited to see the innovative ways our customers will use it,” said Mark Ogle, Senior Engineer and Unified Virtual Channel lead developer at Unified Streaming.

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