Ventuz 6.9 integrates its workflows with Unreal Engine

Ventuz 6.9 integrates it workflows with Unreal Engine

Ventuz has announced the release of 6.9 version, which includes the awaited workflow integration with Unreal engine. Using an Engine to Engine solution, it enables render engines to run on the same GPU and exchange data directly on the memory.

This E2E data transfer supports Color, Depth and Normal Buffer data from Unreal to be received synchronously inside a Ventuz scene. This allows a seamless integration of any  object with the elements in the Unreal world. Other ancillary data, such as camera and object transformations, can be transferred between the two engines in both directions.

Multiple Unreal instances can connect with any given scene and can run any necessary Unreal executable on start, for an easy integration and deployment. All the remarkable output options, including SDI, NDI, multi-display and multi projection layouts are fully supported.

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