Videon launches Live Edge PaaS to ease video workflows in the cloud

Videon has recently announced the release of Live Edge, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that features enhancements customization options, and intelligent automation to Videon’s video compute platform.

For a long time, video workflows have been based on an encoder providing RTMP streams to the cloud where they are re-encoded and re-packaged. The on premise encoder has traditionally been isolated from the cloud, creating quality, reliability, and management problems.

The new videon solution connects the cloud to the on premise environment. This reduces video streaming complexity, latency, and cloud video processing costs. Videon’s standards-based technology is integrated with industry-leading solutions including Akamai MSL4, AWS Mediastore, AWS IVS, and Fastly Origin Shield.

The LiveEdge suite of functions enables users to build transformative live video experiences by working with pre-packaged modules, or by taking advantage of a kit to create their own functions.

“Videon is simplifying the live video supply chain by removing previously disparate steps to make the live streaming experience better”, says Tricia Iboshi, Chief Executive Officer at Videon. “LiveEdge powers new live video workflows by bringing cloud functions to the point of video origin. It removes traditional broadcast industry processes and equipment that add to latency, overall workflow complexity and costs”.

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