Vislink to debut its DragonFly V, for wireless video transmission, at NAB 2024

Vislink Technologies, Inc. has recently unveiled that it will launch its latest innovation poised to boost live video transmission: DragonFly V. This transmitter, an ultra-compact HEVC HDR COFDM one, marks a significant milestone for the company as, in its own words, “it redefines the landscape of broadcast technology”. Designed to cater to various applications such as Point-of-View (POV) cameras, UAVs, and body-worn devices, this groundbreaking product promises high-quality, real-time video transmission in a miniature package.

Set to make its debut at NAB 2024, DragonFly V offers a compact size, weighing under 55 grams, and delivers high-definition HDR video transmission with minimal latency, supporting video formats up to 1080P-50/60 HDR.

Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink, expressed his enthusiasm for the product, stating, “With the launch of DragonFly V, we are pushing the boundaries of live broadcast technology. This tiny yet powerful device embodies Vislink’s commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance solutions that our customers expect.”

According to the company, one of the new Vislink’s transmitter standout features is its versatility, offering HD/SDI or HDMI input options suitable for a wide range of applications, from sports and entertainment to public safety. Vislink also highlighted its energy-efficient design that ensures extended operation times.

Key features include:

– Innovative miniature design: DragonFly V offers portability and ease of use.
– HEVC HDR encoding: Capable of handling up to 1080P HD video.
– Flexible connectivity: Equipped with either HDMI or SDI inputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cameras.
– Ultra-reliable transmission: With a 50mW COFDM output power, DragonFly V enables stable and secure video transmission even in challenging conditions.
– Low power consumption: Designed for efficient and extended use.
– Comprehensive control: Features like Wi-Fi control and RS232 remote control add convenience and flexibility to operations.

The technologic enterprise stated that its new transmitteris positioned to set a new standard for live broadcast equipment, offering great perspectives, reliability, and performance in demanding portable applications, including electronic news gathering, drone videography, and live sports broadcasting.

“We believe DragonFly V will become an indispensable tool for professionals looking to push the limits of live video broadcasting,” added Miller. “Its launch marks a significant milestone for the industry, and we are eager to witness the remarkable content our clients will create with this technology.”

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