Vizrt unveils smart video crop tool for heightened sports social media publishing

Streamline content creation for linear and social platforms with Viz Libero’s latest feature

Vizrt has introduced a groundbreaking feature in its flagship sports highlight tool, Viz Libero. This latest software release includes a smart video crop tool, enabling users to crop videos into various aspect ratios from a single interface. This allows for the creation of multiple versions of a project for different platforms during live games or post-match.

Simplifying social storytelling

With this new cross-platform solution, Viz Libero customers can produce concise, engaging clips tailored for social media, thereby reaching new audiences more effectively.

“Younger demographics are consuming sports on social media through snackable clips like replays, analysis, and highlights. Viz Libero helps create the perfect content to capture the attention of new audiences like Gen Z, with illustrative and engaging graphics,” says Edouard Griveaud, Senior Product Manager at Vizrt.

Anytime, any platform content creation

This feature positions Viz Libero as a 24/7 content creation tool, empowering broadcasters and sports leagues to extend their reach across linear, digital, and social platforms. Fully operational and deployable in the cloud, Viz Libero, coupled with a flexible licensing structure, allows broadcast teams to maximize its value traditionally, before seamlessly transitioning to digital and social teams for extended storytelling.

Accelerating content production

The new Viz Libero features enhance user experience by simplifying the content creation process. Operators only need to select the preferred aspect ratio, add analysis, and export clips in the required format for various publishing platforms.

“Different social media platforms favor different formats. With this feature, operators can create clips in a specific format to send to the social media team to review and post. Adjusting and optimizing videos for specific platforms quicker increases fan engagement and content reach – taking content from stadium to social rapidly,” adds Griveaud.

Automated and efficient player tracking

The social media crop tool is pre-configured to expedite basic analysis tasks for social media. Operators can select an aspect ratio, click on a player, and the tool will automatically track and crop the video accordingly.

Additional enhancements

Viz Libero 8.3 also introduces non-line sports calibration, benefiting sports like cricket and ice hockey, where fewer lines on the playing area complicate graphics placements. It also includes native Datacenter integration with Sportec.

With these advancements, the Vizrt’s tool points to keep on to streamline and enhance sports content creation, enabling broadcasters to reach and engage audiences across all platforms efficiently, according to the company’s statements.

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