Vizrt releases its virtual studio-in-a-box solution: XR Set Express

The Vizrt company has recently launched the virtual studio-in-a-box full equiped. The solution is called XR Set Express and it has been made to be efficient and simple. According to the company, XR Set Xpress is pre-configured and pre-calibrated enabling efficient use and setup.

“XR Set Express removes the operational complexity that a virtual studio can represent. We created XR Set Express to provide our world class Virtual Studio technology for organizations aiming for a great value, easy-to-operate system without compromising the quality of the production,” said Daniel Url, Global Head of Product Management.

The virtual studio set from Vizrt connects workflows with NDI, IP-video standard, and this protocol is used to track data and get full control of the Panasonic UE100 PTZ camera across a single cable connection. The control surface Viz Arc provides studio setup and configuration management: positioning of graphics, studio customization, auto-setting of the the keyer or presetting camera positions.

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