Belgian telecom VOO expands service on its DataMiner platform to offer speeds of up to 1Gb/s

The Belgian telecommunications operator named VOO has recently extended its DataMiner platform. The DataMiner platform is deployed by the company Skyline Communications and it enables end-to-end integration of complex technical ecosystems.

VOO has recently launched its new “GIGABOOST” option, allowing for internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. They have made this strategic decision to address an overall increase in concurrent use of broadband related to new trends like co-housing, teleworking, remote schooling and more.

Originally, DataMiner was deployed in the context of DOCSIS 3.0–based broadband service delivery. With the addition, riding on more recent DOCSIS 3.1, VOO is ensuring service both for their existing customers and for their new GigaBoost subscribers.

“If there is one major takeaway from recent times, that would be how valuable high-speed internet has become. Our new GIGABOOST subscription is available in selected regions, and we are committed to quickly extending it further to cover our entire service region and bring the highest standards of service to all our customers,” said Christophe Massin, IT Solutions Delivery Manager at VOO. “We are grateful for the DOCSIS 3.1 expertise provided by Skyline. They have been our NMS/OSS solutions partner for several years and are now also the supplier of VOO’s Service & Resource Assurance Manager, which features connectivity and service assurance for all subscribers, GIGABOOST subscribers included.”

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