Vox Media incorporates Dante to equip the audio network of its studios

Vox Media incorporates Dante for its studios

Vox Media trusted on Audinate’s Dante to equip its studio facilities. The editorial group is in charge of some editorial references like “New York Magazine” and a couple of years ago jumped into the production of shows and podcasts. They have studios and facilities all across the US.

Miles Ewell is the Director of Production Technology for Vox Media. The built the new studios facility for the company in New York with the Dante technology. “I use Dante any chance I can. I don’t even want to use broadcast headphone amps in our podcast studios anymore. I just want to use the RedNet headphone amps,” said Ewell. “Being able to control everything remotely, like Dante coupled with certain manufacturers like Focusrite, you could do everything from somewhere else and that is so appealing.”

“At our Broad Street, New York facility, we have something like 24 Dante devices, including RedNet devices, in our server room to talk to our comms system and our Skype units,” said Ewell. “We have a bunch of QL consoles throughout the floor and audio suites and live control rooms and podcasts control rooms, and we use a lot of AVIO adapters because they’re so easy to deploy.”

The Director of Production technology continues: “I’m taking a fresh look at our podcast infrastructure. In San Francisco, we have a small studio, and we use Dante from the console to the computer. In DC, we have two podcast studios that are both QL1s with RIOs, and those are fully integrated,” said Ewell. “I see a lot of opportunity for using Dante. In both New York and DC, in our multi-room facilities, they always shared Dante network. I set up our studios in each facility so that they were connected. So we had a primary control room, and then we could have a session with people in each room separately, and I was able to do that extremely quickly with our Dante setup.”

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