VSN will showcase new remote interoperability capabilities at NAB 2020

User deploying VSNExplorer at its workspace

At NAB (Booth #SL7606), media and entertainment industry software company VSN will introduce a number of enhancements to its VSNCrea Traffic and Scheduling System, VSNExplorer Media Asset Management System and VSN NewsConnect web plugin for news production.

“Our commitment to our customers has always been to provide them with valuable additional functionalities that will have a substantial positive impact on their operations,” said Patricia Corral, Marketing Director, VSN. “At NAB, we will be taking the opportunity to demonstrate that commitment in action with new features and capabilities that can improve our customers’ efficiency, productivity and profitability – and all without any constraint when integrating third-party software or hardware.”

The latest version of VSNCrea now benefits from higher levels of automation, allowing users to “more easily” manage acquired content and advertising scheduling. Users can now locate content quickly with its associated broadcasting rights; automate the scheduling of their catalogue according to their own licenses and set-ups; and schedule advertising time slots with associated pricing depending on the time of broadcast or publishing while avoiding, for example, same-category repetition. The enhanced version of VSNCrea also allows users to perform a comprehensive revenue and ROI analysis with customized reports and dashboards.

VSNExplorer MAM is now capable of syntactically cataloguing all the terms and sentences used in the description of scenes in order to achieve formal, unambiguous, accurate and user-agnostic metadata for content in any language. Qualifiers – such as colours, mood, commercial names, types of objects and so on – can be added to metadata in order to achieve precise search results. Advanced thesaurus management enables users to create different groups of terms and hierarchies by defining broader, narrower, related or preferred terms.

Furthermore, VSN NewsConnect now enables users to control multiple studios in different locations, even if the systems used in the studios are different. Commonly, sending a story to a specific studio would require knowledge of the systems in use at that studio, and manual adaptation of the media to ensure compatibility with the target NRCS, NLE, CG, video server, studio playout system and so on. Now NewsConnect takes care of automatically adapting the media to the different systems available, sending e.g. linear TV, WebTV, non-linear platforms or social media as appropriate. 

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