WDBX improves its signal with Broadcast Electronics

Elenos 3500w de Broadcast Solutions

Elenos 3500w comes to update former WDBX FM transmitter

WDBX FM 91.1 located in Carbondale, IL, recently upgraded their FM transmitter to an Elenos ETG3500 to boost its signal and enhanced the sound. Part of the Elenos Group, manufacturer Broadcast Electronics has large experience with broadcast products, transmitters included.

As the company says, Elenos ETG line of transmitters employ features that deliver efficiency and long-term, reliable operation. All circuit boards have a special coating, coupled with an aluminum chassis, to protect from corrosion and deliver longevity. Redundant fans ensure ample air flow for cool operations, and the lifeXtender control algorithm keeps the transmitter operating at safe power level even in the event of total fan failure.


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