WDR upgrades RegioNet network with LOGIC’s Nevion VideoIPath orchestration

Logic media solutions, in close collaboration with Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) in Germany, has completed a complex routing and orchestration project within WDR’s RegioNet network. This project represents a significant advancement for WDR as RegioNet transitions from a traditional IP-based network to a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environment, enhancing stability and operational flexibility. The future-proofing of this critical infrastructure is a notable achievement for WDR, according to its statements.

As company indicates, WDR RegioNet connects 16 locations for contribution and distribution, facilitating production line exchange, network interconnection, and delivery to broadcasters and various distribution channels, including streaming, DAB+, FM, DVB-S2, and DVB-T2.

Following the project’s completion, Nevion VideoIPath orchestrates and monitors WDR RegioNet’s IP-based network. VideoIPath manages RegioNet’s Arista switches and Lawo PowerCores, which serve as routing devices and gateways for WDR radio stations’ audio signals. VideoIPath’s integration with the Ember+ interface ensures seamless access to PowerCores’ functions. To maximize fail-safety, Logic has implemented VideoIPath software in a Docker cluster, providing hardware-independent installation and redundancy for reliable operation.

Logic has provided extensive support to WDR as a service and consulting partner throughout the project phases, ensuring the WAN team of “WDR Programme Distribution and Networks” can operate RegioNet securely and independently. This support spans from initial consultation and network setup to migration, enabling WDR to operate RegioNet efficiently and adapt to transmission requirements flexibly, thereby ensuring a future-oriented approach.

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