The German broadcaster Welt deploys Black Box’s IP-based and remote solutions in its Berlin headquarters

The formerly N24 german broadcaster, Welt now, has recently deployed the Emerald Unified KVM product line and Boxilla centralized KVM manager from Black Box. This technology is going to support broadcast operations across its headquarters in Berlin. The solution has been integrated by Qvest Media and the Black Box technology will get over IP the three broadcast studios, all of them entirely operated on remote by robotic systems.

With Emerald transmitters and receivers connecting operator workstations to computers in the facility’s equipment rooms — and eventually to virtual machines — operators working anywhere will access to any sources they need to do their jobs. The Remote App extends access to the KVM network so that authorized users can connect to the studio or other broadcast facilities and remotely performs the same job they do when working on site.

“The Emerald KVM platform is unique in supporting both virtual and physical machines, and this capability — along with anytime, anywhere access via the Remote App software receiver — has opened up a whole new way of approaching our studio infrastructure,” said Thorsten Prohm, chief technical officer at Welt . “The Black Box system’s ability to support both HD and 4K likewise gives us valuable flexibility in managing signals and format types as we deliver news broadcasts with an innovative look and feel.”

“It’s exciting to see Welt and Qvest Media take full advantage of our Emerald KVM platform to provide greater efficiency and creativity in taking studio programming to air,” added Frank Nölken, director KVM business development at Black Box EMEA.

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