White Light relies on Riedel’s Bolero for its virtual event production

White Light relies on Riedel’s Bolero for its virtual event production

White Light, an A/V provider based in London, trusted in Riedel to standardize its communications capabilities. The company has adopted the Bolero wireless intercom solution and it’s deploying it in a large variety of events.

In addition, White Light has adopted Bolero as the primary comms system for SmartStage, the company’s extended-reality studio for hire. The provider has offered complete technical solutions since 1971 for projects of all sizes, including theatre productions, corporate events, live broadcasts, musical concerts, and themed attractions.

One of the many things that sets Bolero apart from other wireless intercoms is its ability to support multiple categories of users, such as camera operators, production managers, and Zoom technicians,” said Jonjo Glynn, Venues Director, White Light. “With Bolero’s programmable beltpack, users are able to customise their setup to meet their individual needs, and user groups can be programmed to hear only specific types of comms from other groups. This type of flexibility allows us to communicate in ways that were previously impossible for events, whether crew members are on location or virtual.”

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, White Light’s SmartStage has revolutionised the delivery of virtual events for a broad range of clients — and its technology has won several awards for innovation,” said Nacho Lee, U.K. Sales Manager, Riedel Communications. “As part of that award-winning technology package, Riedel’s Bolero has shown once again just how versatile and flexible the system is for any type of live event, whether attendees are calling in virtually or attending live.”

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