X-Pert Multimedia Solutions, part of Horizzon Global Media, provides broadcast technology to Batik TV

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions has recently announced that Indonesian Batik TV has agreed with X-Pert’s regional partner PT Horizzon Global Media (PT HGM). As result of this partnership, the TV channel relies on PT HGM OBI brand, powered by X-Pert technologies. The contract covers OBI Advanced Play and Graphics bundle and the Annual Subscription and Maintenance license update.

“The products of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions provide an optimum price/quality ratio, which is very important for a small TV channel like ours. Usually, the lower price is not associated with high quality, but this is not the case with X-Perts’ products. They do not compromise on quality and at the same time the prices are affordable even for small media companies,” commented Onik Rosidin, IT & Broadcast Technical Manager at Batik TV. “In addition, we can fully rely on their quick reaction and support if needed, which gives us a possibility to concentrate on evolving our products.”

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions product list covers the whole three steps of the TV broadcast process. The first one, which is broadcast delivery, includes X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Ingest, and X-Pert Graphics, the bundle X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box, and X-Pert List, which is included in X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box for free but could be bought alone also. The second, process improvement, gives additional value and functionalities to clients’ software infrastructure. Here are listed X-Pert Playout Control, X-Pert Content Replicator, X-Pert Compact MAM, and X-Pert Quality Check. The third step, redundancy, is the way to make the client’s system more reliable. Here come X-Pert Backup Supervisor and X-Pert IP Switch.

“We are very happy about our stable growth and clients’ network enlargement in the Southeast Asian market and we are really thankful to have a reliable partner such as PT Horizzon Global Media. It’s good to know that our clients are treated with respect and receive full-range services. Every customer is unique and needs the appropriate approach, which we, together with PT HGM can give him”, said Ludmil Kushinov, CEO of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions

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