X-Pert developes an IP project at Milano Media Broadcast

The software developer X-Pert Multimedia Solutions is developing with Milano Media Broadcast (MMBTV) a large-scale broadcasting project. Both companies are working together for two years and the project covers 42 channels.

The main challenge they have faced was the numerous channels that needed a fully automated, redundant, reliable, and uninterrupted 24/7 broadcasting process.

In order to give a solution X-Pert provided both software and hardware for the channels. 24 SD channels, 9 HD channels, and 9 backup channels are configured and packed with X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Graphics. This amount of channels is located in 14 servers. In each server are located three channels and this provides the needed operability and reliability at a significantly lower price. The servers are equipped with X-Pert Playout Control, which enables a remote web interface for monitoring, control, and playlist preparation. X-Pert Backup Supervisor and X-Pert IP Switch ensure seamless backup handling when needed.

The quality of the content is ensured yet at the beginning of the broadcast process via X-Pert Quality Check. The broadcast process continuity is guaranteed through redundancy on every level. In addition, X-Pert Multimedia Solutions provides quick and thorough support and ongoing development services, which ensure that the entire platform is up-to-date and continuously evolving with new features.

“What we made together with our partner MMBTV could be implemented in every multi-channel operator’s facility and data centers, no matter whether it’s a small one or a big one. The whole structure of the process could be customized to the requirements of the client in order to guarantee the redundancy of the broadcast process at an affordable price”, explained Ludmil Kushinov, CEO of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions.

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