XTRMX integrates with the Avid MediaCentral platform

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XTRMX enters into an Avid Alliance Partner Agreement

XTRMX, an innovator in remote collaborative video editing and review solutions, announced that they have signed an Alliance Sales Agreement with Avid®. As an Avid Alliance Partner, XTRMX has integrated its product portfolio, which includes the XTRMX media engine, xView multi-user video review, and ediX remote editing, with Avid MediaCentral® and Avid Media Composer®.


“We’re sparking a real revolution. With XTRMX, it’s as if you are sitting in the same room with the editor. Users from different places can communicate directly to get immediate approval, and even control the system to make the actual edits directly in the timeline,” explains Harel Ram, co-founder of XTRMX. “Media Composer does not need to upload or download media or even have it rendered and, reviewers do not need the editing application on their desktop. XTRMX provides a gateway into the Avid system so the reviewer can both see and comment on material as well as edit media, whether they are in the next edit bay over or halfway around the world. It’s an immersive experience that redefines collaborative post.”


XTRMX’s innovative video review media engine xView and the ediX remote editing platform are to be certified by Avid and will be available soon through the Avid Marketplace and covered by Avid’s sales network in more than 140 countries worldwide.




Ed Caracappa, Avid Sr. Director Global Alliance elaborates: “The solution offered by XTRMX delivers on the need to manipulate and review media wherever it is, simultaneously and instantly. This new paradigm is well aligned with Avid’s commitment to offer the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media. Our relationship with XTRMX will foster the development of a compelling integration with the MediaCentral Platform that will result in faster time to air and significantly, simplified and shortened creative and production pipelines. Once development and certification have been completed, XTRMX’s products will be available for sale via the Avid sales network. Avid is committed to continued growth of our Alliance Partner Program and is excited to have XTRMX be a part of it.”


“We’re forecasting the earning potential of this revolution to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars”

XTRMX has created a distributed system that leverages the full power of all workstations involved in a collaborative session. As a result, the image quality, responsiveness and ergonomics of the platform perform as if the software is installed on each of the user’s workstations, allowing remote users to work together on their remote content simultaneously and instantly. “This is a fundamental game-changer to the media industry. We designed XTRMX to become the backbone for any collaborative media manipulation. With the value of the worldwide media market estimated in the tens of billions of dollars (USD), and with the potential applications in otherindustries, we’re forecasting the earning potential of this revolution to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” states Ram.


XTRMX, Avid, MAC, magazine broadcast, broadcasting magazine


XTRMX system delivers media content on demand by streaming

The XTRMX framework is powered by an on-the-fly transcoding and processing engine that delivers media content on demand by streaming, without uploading or downloading the source itself. XTRMX relies on a secure and low-latency protocol (less than 40 millisecond latency) developed in-house, allowing every user in a collaborative session to be in sync with other team members. Any change applied by any user is automatically reflected on all other users’ in the session.


Integrating XTRMX with Avid enables remote multi-user review of MediaCentral assets as well as in the current sequence directly in Avid Media Composer. Each user has control via the XTRMX multi-user data sync system, creating a real-time collaborative experience that enhances productivity among teams. The result is better content created faster and more efficiently.

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