YLE installs Skyline’s DataMiner at the heart of its media operations center

The Finnish public service media company, known as YLE, has chosen Skyline’s DataMiner as their management platform to streamline all media service orders across multiple content departments and publishing teams.

The objective for this implementation has been to automatize operational and technical workflows. YLE has implemented a DataMiner System at the heart of their media operations center that manages media service orders, such as fiber contribution links, satellite downlinks, 4G streams, feed recordings, file transfers, etc.; to orchestrate the complete life cycle of both live events and file transfers within a single platform.

“Like many other media companies, YLE had introduced a set of siloed scheduling and work order systems over the years. Most of them work with administrative data only, and our teams managing signal reception and processing, routing and recording, and file import and export had to configure almost everything manually, which was time-consuming and error-prone,” said Jarkko Haapa-aho, head of Live at YLE. “The first thing we did together with Skyline’s deploy team was to integrate all our existing scheduling and work order databases such as the Eurovision booking system into DataMiner. With that, we achieved a first great milestone to have all administrative data about every event consolidated in DataMiner.”

“Here is where the big DataMiner benefits will come into play in the next iterations which we are going to deploy in 2023,” commented Lars von Oertzen, Regional Account Manager at Skyline. “Based on the type of work order, DataMiner will reserve and assign the required media infrastructure, pick resources that are available and fulfill the needs to do the job, such as for example a UHD video server. Right before an event starts, DataMiner establishes the connectivity via RF, SDI, ASI, or IP, applies the correct profiles, and then starts monitoring the service across the complete signal chain. With that, DataMiner combines operational and technical workflows into a single system, and YLE operational teams will benefit from a highly automated environment.”

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