Zeiss to showcase its latest developments at the South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo market trade show

Zeiss has assured that their latest cine lens and visual effects technologies will be showcased at the South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo. In addition, the company will host a talk with cinematographer Rob McLachlan, ASC, CSC.

The team will exhibit cine lenses as Supreme Prime, Supreme Prime Radiance, CZ.2 Zoom, CP.3, and more, at booth #1335. On the other hand, attendees can experiment live demos of CinCraft Mapper Zeiss’ application. CinCraft Mapper provides frame-accurate lens distortion and shading data, enabling VFX artists to achieve a precise result without relying on a lens grid.

ZEISS’ Senior Marketing Manager of Photo and Cinema, Tony Wisniewski, will lead a conversation with Rob McLachlan, ASC, CSC, of Game of Thrones fame. The event will take place at March 12, 4:00-5:00p CT. The conversation will be about his cinematic process and working with Supreme Prime and Supreme Prime Radiance lenses on contents such as “American Gigolo”, “Shining Girls” and “Lovecraft Country”.

On other short of things, ZEISS will sponsor the fifth annual ZEISS Cinematography Award included at the SXSW Film Awards.

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