Zero Density aims to transform graphics landscape at NAB Show

Zero Density aims to make a significant impact at NAB 2024. Since impulsing broadcast virtual production in 2016 with the introduction of game engine rendering technology, Zero Density has made an effort to stay at the forefront of innovation. Now, eight years later, the company is set to redefine the graphics ecosystem with a new approach to real-time and pre-production motion graphics. Utilizing the Unreal Motion Design, the firm aims to elevate rendering and compositing quality while streamlining asset creation and integration, ultimately reducing operational complexity.

In a year marked by significant global elections, with an estimated 3.7 billion people voting across 70 countries, Zero Density’s Virtual Studio Stage will take center stage. Live demonstrations will showcase the presentation of complex data in dynamic and visually captivating ways, facilitating fact-based discussions and analysis to enhance election coverage. Through a demonstration of the end-to-end graphics workflow featuring the Reality5 virtual production and the Lino real-time motion graphics platform, visitors will witness the power of immersive storytelling in action.

The XR Stage will transport visitors into a mesmerizing sports environment, seamlessly blending physical spaces with immersive graphics to revolutionize sports broadcasting. Attendees will experience firsthand how sports narratives can be enriched with data-driven virtual elements, creating realistic storytelling environments.

In addition to live demonstrations and hands-on experiences at the demo pods, visitors can partake in Exclusive Talk Sessions featuring insights from industry leaders, followed by networking opportunities during the daily happy hour.

Key highlights at Zero Density booth, according to the company:

– Hyper-realistic virtual production: Reality5 offers a fusion of virtual and physical worlds, empowering storytellers to craft immersive experiences.
– Versatile XR Productions: versatility with setups adaptable to various creative needs, ensuring fast and high-quality visual solutions.
– Real-Time Motion Graphics Reinvented: Lino enhances motion graphics with its dynamic and capabilities, enabling seamless asset sharing across platforms.
– Quantum Leap in Creative Potential: Ampere EVO2, new render hardware platform, delivers performance in real-time virtual production.
– Ultimate Tracking Platforms: Traxis platform, showcasing precise camera and talent tracking alongside streamlined lens calibration.
– Happy Hour: Join Zero Density and partners for drinks and networking on April 14th and 15th at 5 pm.

Industry players unite at booth SL2038

Activities at Booth SL2038 are the result of close collaboration between Zero Density and leading partners in virtual production, including, OptiTrack, and Planar. Contributions from Egripment, Blackmagic Design, Pro Cyc, Atomos, Grass Valley, Chromalight, Canon, and Lichmacht further enhance the virtual production experiences.

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