Zero Density opens office in Hollywood

Zero Density green screet at new Hollywood Zero Density facilities

Zero Density continues its growth acceleration with the inauguration of a new office “at the heart of Hollywood”. Zero Density has appointed Umut Özdemir as the West Coast Territory Manager to lead the new facilities. Prior to this role, Özdemir served as Business Development Manager for EUROPE and then APAC regions followed by Sales Executive role focusing on international key accounts. Umut Özdemir said: “There is a major leap in the media and entertainment industry towards virtual production for the last 5 years and I am proud to be a part of a company that drives this leap.”

With hands-on experience more than a decade on each step of production workflow in the media and entertainment industry, Özdemir’s background offers a multi-disciplinary expertise to the region. Özdemir brings know-how to create immersive experiences for audiences in a virtual studio setting encompassing broadcast, motion pictues, live event, and esports industries.

“I’ve been with Zero Density from the beginning and had the pleasure to recruit new regions to ZD’s vast network. Today, I am excited to be assigned at such an important region to work with talented creative professionals to tell their stories in the most immersive way possible.” says Umut Özdemir, “Furthermore, I’ll dedicate myself to solidify partner and user relationships as well as introducing our ground-breaking product arsenal firsthand.”

Spearheaded by Özdemir, Hollywood Office will expand its team and offer all Zero Density product suite alongside on-site supervision, technical consultancy and entire services that are provided by the office headquarters.

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