Zero Density powers CCTV’s Lunar New Year event

Frame of CCTV's 2021 Lunar New Year Event

The Chinese television CCTV selected Zero Density technology to produce its 2021’s Lunar New Year event, a show powered with virtual studio technology, remote production and teleportation.

Andy Lau, one of the Hong Kong’s most successful film actors, performed the “Ox Up” song (as China has entered “the Year of Ox”) along with young stars Wang Yi Bo and Guan Xiao Tong. Andy Lau’s solo performance was live produced in 4K HDR in CCTV’s Hong Kong green screen studio, which is powered by two Reality engines. His performance was remote controlled from the office in Beijing. Andy Lau’s entire part was filmed in Hong Kong studio and, at the final act, he was teleported to the real stage by using Reality and Reality Keyer.

Zero Density’s partners O Plus Media and Beijing Jetsen Technology worked together on the event.

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