Zero Density shares its 2020 showrell

Youtube's thumbnail of Zero Density's 2020 showreel

After all, 2020 has not been that bad. That’s what we think and what Zero Density also claims, a brand that has found “numerous remarkable reasons to be proud and ecstatic” despite the “bumpy ride” that has been the last year.

According to the international technology company, their “partners, clients, creatives and overall community did not pause for a second this year. They adapted, innovated, and unlocked the potential of Reality Engine and brought stunning projects to life. With their hard work 2020 saw record numbers in virtual concerts, fashion shows, conferences, forums, competitions, and corporate presentations utilizing live broadcast compositing capability of Reality. More broadcasters pushed the boundaries of storytelling and went green”.

Zero Density has accompanied this optimistic statement with a video that summarizes several of the projects in which the company has been involved during 2020. You can watch it here:

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