ZKM gets ready for IP-based audio with Lawo

Ludger Bruemmer using a Lawo IP console at ZKM

The Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Center for Art and Media (ZKM)) has decided to rely on the IP-based audio technology from Lawo for its Hertz Laboratory.

Kubus (Sound Cube), a room specifically designed for audio projects that use IP-based audio, has decided to install a Lawo mc²56 mixing console with Ravenna IP technology. It has 32 faders and three DSP boards providing 144 fully equipped DSP channels. In addition, the device is equipped with 24 microphone inputs and 72 line outputs, offers local inputs/outputs and four MADI ports. An additional Lawo A__madi4 unit is used for the remote connection of two further MADI ports via RAVENNA.

The Hertz Laboratory is dedicated to the performance and recording of experimental music and musical experimentation, including multichannel sound reinforcement. In addition, contemporary artistic/scientific concepts as augmented reality in AR and VR applications, artificial intelligence, immersivity and sensor-supported environments are explored.

“ZKM had previously used Lawo mc² consoles that were hired in for concerts with special requirements, allowing ZKM sound engineers and artists to become familiar not only with their sound and technical aspects, but also their concept, application and user-friendliness under real conditions,” explains Ludger Brümmer, Head of the Hertz Laboratory at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie. “These opportunities demonstrated that the new mc²56 with its all-rounder qualities is ideally suited to our wide range of tasks.”

The ZKM is fully equipped with a fiber-optic infrastructure, allowing the Lawo Compact I/O unit that is also available to be flexibly positioned and used throughout the facility.

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